Jaggery Powder – 500g


Quantity – 500 g

JAGGERY- Ancient traditional Indian sweetener

Can’t give up eating unhealthy white sugar? TARU brings you the healthy answer, in its organic jaggery powder, processed with natural herbs.

Taru Jaggery is an excellent digestive, a detox and rich in minerals, vitamins, iron and essential nutrients. As against White sugar which clogs the system, pure jaggery purifies the blood, enhances hemoglobin count and boosts immunity. Through stimulating digestive enzyme secretion, it tones up digestion and bowel movements, benefits bones, prevents anemia and improves iron absorption, maintains weight and reduces water retention, excellent for lactating women. For respiratory problems, it is advisable to remove use of White sugar entirely. Jaggery removes mucus.

Taru jaggery is a product of Zero Budget Natural Farming and Mixed Cropping of sugarcane with Turmeric (Haldi) on organic small scale farms, processed with natural herb and wild okra in traditional community methods.Quality monitered.

Farmer Info & Community Impact

Desaiji, is a National award winner for innovating Natural ‘Sun Farming’ technique, effectively imbibing five nature elements in growing and runs an Organic Farmers Association with 500 members.

How to Use

Replaces white & brown sugar. Add to teas, coffee, milk, after removing from heat. Doesn’t curdle or change in taste. Add to desserts, food, pickles and medicines, at any stage of cooking.